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Photo Retouching Services

We provide a comprehensive re-touching service that includes a number of things right from modifying the color of the images, which is also known as image amendment, image masking, re-touching, clipping paths, background cleaning, sharpening through to image restoration.


Image retouching involves different touch up work, cosmetic retouching, image airbrushing and natural retouching. Images having issues that are deep and undoable with the help of plain enhancement techniques are retouched using enhancement software and Photoshop tools and of course, our professional touch!


Check out some of the miracles we can create with our photo retouching tools:

  • Take care of even the most minute wrinkle or freckle and make the face super smooth and flawless
  • Add or remove curves, so that you get a perfectly shaped body
  • Body sculpting and expansion
  • Change hair color to give it that perfect hue of brown, black or red, or even blue if you desire
  • Image restoration, resizing or sharpening the image
  • Glitz retouching
  • Saddle-bag and muffin top removal
  • Creating cut outs of image

At PhotoRetouchingIndia, we don’t just retouch images, we create perfection, every single day and make images that are nothing less than perfect.


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