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Photo Masking Services

At Photo Retouching India, you can stay assured that any image you give us, the result that we would send
you will be paramount quality, without the defects and flaws that earlier you thought would be impossible
to get rid of.


Our Image Masking Service involves creating a mask layer on the image to produce precisely the same image as it was in the original print. We do that with the use of different Photoshop techniques and assure you that damaged, spoilt images or those having extensive detail amendments like removing a shadow from the picture or removing a delicate colourful background or even images that are blurred, foggy or blemished, will be restored to perfection.


Our Masking service covers the following:

  • Moulding damaged images and photos
  • Removal or addition of objects including vehicles, people, etc.
  • Removing blemishes and other skin flaws
  • Fixing a perfect lightning/contrast in a photo
  • Color correction, retouching and editing
  • Changes in contrast and brightness, color, tone or HLS (Hue, Luminosity & Saturation)

In essence, when we are done with correcting the images, they will be good enough to be displayed on the highest mantle or in the best magazine. Our Photo Masking Services are sought by professionals and novices alike to get the best out of their shot.


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